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Race MoChridhe (MRS, Nations University) is an independent scholar working at the intersection of transreligious theology, women’s and gender studies, head2and the study of New Religious Movements. Approaching from a Traditionalist perspective, he is committed to, in the words of James Cutsinger, “calling the bluff” of the scientism that dominates the study of religion, and sees the task of the scholar not as explaining away the claims of saints and sages by cropping them to the boundaries of history, anthropology, or critical theory, but rather as bringing their voices into richer dialogue with one another and with the discourses of modern science and philosophy in what Nietzsche so poignantly termed the “age of comparison”.

To this end, MoChridhe has contributed work to publications ranging from the American Journal of Biblical Theology to Nikasa: Online Refereed Journal of Sanskrit Studies, in addition to presenting at conferences, writing for the Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions, responding to the Religious Studies Project, and most recently interning for Feminism & Religion. He is currently an adjunct instructor with Cherry Hill Seminary and a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. His full CV may be viewed here.

In addition to his academic output, MoChridhe blogs his thealogical and devotional reflections as a Déanist/Filianist at Apron Strings, and is also a regular contributor to several Druidic magazines as an Ovate in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

He lives with his feisty Brigidine wife and an equally feisty toddler in the Minnesota River Valley.

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